It’s A Cruel World and Chances of an Urban Disaster Are High

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Surviving an Urban Disaster

Most of us live in urban areas that are vulnerable to Urban Disasters.  Why you ask?

Because we rely on power and fuel to light and heat our homes, food that is delivered at the end of a long food chain, and water delivered in pipes from vulnerable reservoirs.

Remember the news about the kids that peed into a reservoir in Oregon.  I mean really, if kids can crawl over a fence to get to a reservoir, how hard would it be for a terrorist?

If you read any newspapers or watch the news you will quickly see that our world is a crazy place.  Whether it’s riots, climate change, droughts, winter storms, tornado’s, or terrorist attacks this planet that we live is becoming more dangerous.

How Long Would an Urban Disaster Last?

An Urban Disaster could be short term with help quickly arriving or long term where you would be left to you own devices to survive for an extended period.

I feel that even with help arriving quickly there are situations where you are going to want to hunker down and avoid running into other people.

Just think about what it would be like if there was an outbreak of some kind of disease.  Would you really want to go out in public?

A lot of people think that the answer to any urban disaster is to high tail it out of town.  Whether you have a prepared evacuation place or not circumstances could make it difficult or impossible to get out of town.

During some conditions you might be forced to stay so it is important that you are prepared.

This makes it extremely important that you are prepared to fend for yourself.  Training is key because without the proper training no amount of gear is going to help.

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