Urban Disaster Survival – Are We On Our Own?

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Urban Disaster Survival – Are We On Our Own?

A recent Federal Oversight Report states that Homeland Security is failing to meet any of it’s five main missions and may not be making any safer than we were before it was created.

The missions are:

  • Preventing Terrorism and Improving Security
  • Securing and Managing Our Borders
  • Enforcing and Administering Our Immigration Laws
  • Safeguarding and Securing Cyberspace
  • Strengthening National Preparedness and Resilience

After spending more than $50 Billion dollars in the last 11 years it can’t even show that the Homeland is more secure.

Not only is there huge waste but also failure to address even obvious needs like planning for a potential Ebola outbreak.

Urban Disaster Survival

This study shows that now more than ever, it is important for each of us to take steps to protect and prepare ourselves for potential urban disaster survival needs.

Although it is probably hard to determine whether terror attacks have been stopped because of the cloak of secrecy that often covers this information, one would have to assume that a Federal report would have access to more information than we would.

So, if your plan for Urban Disaster Survival rests on the Federal Government riding in and saving you in case there is a terrorist or natural disaster you might want to rethink that strategy.

Steps For Urban Disaster Survival

All of us should have a plan that includes how we would shelter in place or if needed, bug out to a safer location.

Although I am not a big believer in bugging out as an effective strategy, there could be situations where this is the safest choice.

I am just not sure how smart it is to bug out, leaving your main cache of supplies and equipment behind.  Almost worse would be trying to take it with you, making yourself a target out in the open.

Still there could be situations where bugging out could make you and your family safer than hunkering down and trying to ride out a situation. I think that the most important step that you can take is to have your own plan for your families safety and not rely on the Government to bail you out.

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