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Surviving A Mob

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surviving a mobIf some type of disaster or uprising comes to the area where you live the chances are that you may be surviving a mob if you have to go outside.

That is the first tip:

Stay Inside If You Can

If there is rioting or a disaster going on outside, if possible you want to stay indoors, safe behind locked doors.

This is why you want to make sure that you should have water and food stored.  You should make sure that you have a means of cooking the food if the power is out or have foods that won’t need heating.

Although Homeland Security recommend that you have a three day supply I think that you should have as much in storage as you have room for in your home.

Surviving A Mob

But circumstances may force you from your home.  Whether you have run out of supplies or need to bug out of your home you need to be prepared for surviving a mob.

You may even have been caught in a situation where you are away from your home base and there are rioters/looters in your path home.

Depending upon the circumstances you may be able to use your car to get away or you may need to hoof it.

So First – Assess the Situation

Before you act you need to take a moment to sit back and assess the situation.

It’s important to ask yourself whether the situation is likely to improve or get worse as time passes.  How important is it that you get home or go out to get supplies?

Take a quick inventory and see what you have on hand.  If possible, check the news to get a better idea of what is happening.

If You Must Go Out – Be Prepared

If circumstances absolutely force you to go out make sure that you are prepared.  Take your grab and go bag that should have at least three days worth of supplies.  It should be as light as possible so you can move quickly if you need to.

You should also take some form of protection with you.  I’d think several times before I took a gun that could make you a target or be used against you.

If you go out armed with a gun and are stopped by police you are going to be in a lot of trouble.

I always recommend a steel baton,  Taser or some other non-lethal weapon.  Heck, even a bat can be safer than a gun but if you have something that you can hide on your person it would be better.

Next – Avoid The Night

If possible you should avoid going out at night.  Even though you may feel safer in the dark, so do a lot of other people, some of whom would want to harm you.

When it’s dark out, people or rioters that are amped up tend to become more out of control because they think they can get away with this more violent behavior.

So, unless it’s an emergency, do not leave your home after the sun goes down if your city is in the midst of chaos.

The exception to this is if you are trying to get from point A to point B and can use the cover of darkness to move quickly and quietly.

I wouldn’t ever think about driving after dark when there is some situation going on but a quick trek on foot might be safe.

Surviving a Mob

But lets say that you must go out and you run into a bunch of looters or rioters.


Looters are safer than rioters.  Looters just want to grab what they can and get away.  If you avoid looking at them and don’t engage them, for instance don’t tell them they shouldn’t be taking the stuff they are looting, or try to take pictures of them you should be okay.


Rioters are a whole different matter.  Their goal is to destroy everything that they can around them.  This includes both people and property.

If you can give rioters a wide berth.  If you come around a corner and see a bunch of people rioting back away. Often they are going to be so focused on destruction that they won’t see you if you are low key.

But lets say that you walk around a corner right into the middle of a riot.

Go With The Flow and Blend In

Most of the time rioters are heading in some direction.  Make sure that you aren’t trying to go across a pack of rioters.  Blend in if you can.  Yell and shout whatever they are and slowly try to extricate yourself.

Stay Away From the Leader

Every mob usually has a leader who others follow.  He can be  found at the front of the pack inciting others by being the most vocal and drawing attention to himself.

If this leader begins fighting with the police, others will follow… if this leader starts beating people up and hurling rocks, others will follow.

Just know that the area around this leader is very dangerous.  You won’t want to be anywhere near this violent person so once you identify him keep your distance.

You want to be out on the edge where there are less violent people and where you can slip away when you have a chance.

Be Prepared to Ruthlessly Fight Back

By following the tips above, you have a good chance of slipping away unharmed.

But surviving a mob may not be that easy.  Because a mob is so unpredictable things can happen at a moments notice and you could have them turn against you and attack you.

If this happens you need to be prepared to strike back quickly and ruthlessly.  You need to hit back and run.

If you hesitate at all it may cost you your life.  Just remember that you aren’t trying to engage and stand your ground, you are trying to disable your attacker(s) and run for it!

Surviving A Mob

To survive a mob whether they are a group or even single people looking to cause you harm or take what you have you need to be quick and smart.

Make sure that you are always aware of your surroundings. but make sure that you don’t look like a victim.

Make sure that you keep your head up and swiveling, looking at everything and everyone in your area.

Most of all, listen to your senses.  If you feel that you might be entering a dangerous area, exit at once.


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