Surviving Flying

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airplaneSometimes I think it would be better if mankind had never discovered how to fly.

Surviving Flying is becoming harder than ever.

As if it isn’t bad enough that you are hurtling through the air going hundreds of miles an hour in a metal tube controlled by someone who may or may not be in proper shape to control it, here comes a new study.

Recently a team from Auburn University studied how long microbes can survive on various surfaces in a plane.  They discovered that the germs could last for up to two weeks!

While it’s not too surprising how long they lived in the bathroom on the toilet handle, more surprising is the fact that they can last as long on other surfaces like arm rests, tray tables, window shades, leather seats and even the seat back pocket.

Then there was even an interview with flight attendants that revealed that tray tables are never cleaned and that an amazing number of people use them to change diapers on.

So next time that you fly you might want to take some cleaning wipes with you.  Let me know what experiences you have had or what you think about these facts in the links below.

Conclusion to Surviving Flying

I don’t know about you but I think that I am going to start using sani-wipes on my seat area whenever I fly any more.  It seems that the airlines are more concerned about stuffing more people into the plane than making sure the plane is clean.

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