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Survival Trends

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The times, as they say, are changing.  With these changes are a number of different survival trends that are going to affect everyone that is caught unprepared.

Here are some of the changes that we can expect.

survival trendsClimate Change

The world is undergoing some massive climate changes that may or may not be reversible.

These climate changes will likely affect you in different ways depending upon what part of the country that you live in.

The country has already been experiencing severe weather ranging from winter storms in the mid-west and east to heat waves in the south and drought in the west.

Ten of the worst hurricanes in terms of damages and lives lost have happened in the last ten years.

California is in the midst of a drought that is forcing it to re-examine the way that it has used water for hundreds of years.

A recent study that was recently completed by the United Nations was the largest ever undertaken and one of its conclusions is that not only is climate change real, but that it is going to start changing the world that we live in much sooner than expected.

What Does This Mean

In essence, we are going to have to be more prepared for bad weather no matter where we live.

If you live in the Mid-West where there have been increasing numbers of Tornadoes, I would make sure that I had a safe room or shelter,

In the Southern part of the country where heat waves bring high temperatures I would make sure that my emergency stores were in an area where they wouldn’t get spoiled.

I’d also make sure that I looked at alternate ways to keep cool during these heat waves, knowing that the electrical grid could easily go down for periods of time because of all the extra use as people tried to run their a/c units.

Survival TrendsFresh Water

Right now, more than 800 Million people lack fresh water.

We are depleting many of the world’s aquifers faster than they can refill themselves and it is estimated that by 2040 3.5 Billion people will lack or have problems getting fresh drinking water.

Climatologists say that one of the changes we are going to see right away is in rainfall.

They say that we could go further between rains – then when it does rain it will be longer with more rain falling than normal.

We must become smarter at using and saving the water that we have if we are going to have enough water to drink.

This means that we should be smarter in how we use water for drinking, watering crops and other uses.

If you live in an area like California or the Mid-West where the aquifers are emptying at an alarming rate you can expect water restrictions on its use.

If you grow your own food you should be creating some type of rainwater catching and storing system to insure that you have enough water.

Although these are illegal in many areas current thinking is moving towards allowing – even encouraging this type of conservation.

In fact, in some locations, catching and using rainwater is required in new buildings.

survival trendsPrivacy Concerns

It’s almost impossible to be invisible to the rest of the world.

More of us than ever are using mobile phones to keep in touch and interact with the world around us and this allows our movements to be tracked.

Google phones even have a function where you, and others can see where you have been.

More people are wearing devices like wrist bands that track our movements and fitness.

We are also being tracked in more ways than ever before.

I use a shopper’s card at different stores and restaurants to get discounts or free meals.

My loyalty card at the local grocery store tracks my purchases and then creates digital and paper coupons to try and make me keep buying at their location.

The Internet of Things will continue to grow and connect more devices that will both help us and track us.

All of this will provide us with an amazing interactive world but at the cost of a lot of our privacy.

Survival TrendsFuture of Energy

The way that we get electricity for our homes is going to change dramatically from the far away power plant with lines to our homes to a decentralized energy production.

As the price of solar panels continues to drop and their efficiency continue to increase more homes are going to become energy independent.

This along with the increasing efficiency of batteries to store this power for use at night or during times when the solar panels are unable to charge is going to make the energy grid of the past dramatically more efficient and less vulnerable.

Today, if your link to a power plant is severed or the power plant goes down due to a storm you could lose your power.

In the near future your home will be energy independent and in fact could become an income source when you feed power that you don’t need into the energy grid.

This is one of the good survival trends that would take your home of the grid, potentially saving you money and being more independent.

Conclusion To Survival Trends

With more people living in metro areas it’s more important than ever to learn how to survive an urban disaster.

Whether it is a man made or natural disaster our dependance upon goods and services being delivered to our door makes us more vulnerable than ever before.

These survival trends give us new ways to protect our family and loved ones while at the same time costing us some freedom.

Our lives will be affected by these these survival trends  in ways that we don’t yet know or understand but the bottom line seems to be that we should be prepared as much as possible for how these trends are going to affect us because there is no way to avoid them.

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