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Survival Tips

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Here are a few practical survival tips that can help you survive an emergency situation.

Assume That a Disaster Can Happen

Don’t assume that a disaster is never going to happen or that you can rely on the emergency organizations in you community to take care of you when it does happen.

Survival is more than 90 percent psychology, so simple act of being mentally and emotionally prepared raises the chances that you will survive any situation that might arise.

Don’t Panic

It’s a human reaction to be scared during any survival scenario. But it’s also a fact that the simple act of preparing for an emergency will also help you deal with a situation.  Use these survival tips to help survive an emergency situation.

Get The Facts

By learning and doing some survival training based upon sound human psychology and physiology from reputable sources.

Create your own list of survival tips that will help you!

Know Your Limits

It is important to know the limits of you and your family and then plan your survival plan around those limitations. Each person is going to have some specific need and limitations whether they are based upon their physical condition, mobility challenges, medications they need, or a host of other variables.

Learn How To Do More With Less

Most of us that live in urban areas rely on others for a lot of the things that we need to survive. Whether it is the grocery store to supply us with food or the utility company to supply our heat and light, we depend on others.

Rather than simply reading survival books from the comfort of your recliner in the living room of your home, get out and try the emergency supplies and tactics that are in your plan. You’ll quickly learn what does and doesn’t work.

Keep It Simple

The more complicated your emergency plan is and the fancier your survival gear is the more likely they are to fail when you need them the most.

Prepare For The Right Disasters

Not every disaster is likely to affect your area. Every location is going to have it’s own things that might happen so make sure that your plan and supplies reflect those needs. Also make sure that you take the different seasonal needs that you might run into.

Stay Or Go

You may not always be able to stay at your home base. Situations could arise that would require you to evacuate your home and head out so make sure that you have Grab and Go Kits for you and each member along with your family.

You also need to make sure that you have planned where you are going to go in case you do evacuate.

Practice Makes Perfect

You need to practice your emergency plan. Talk is cheap. Practice your emergency plan using only the materials that you have stored. Then modify what doesn’t work to make it better.

Rotate Your Supplies

Make sure that you rotate the things that are in your survival kits and stores.

Final Thoughts

These are only a few survival tips to help you get started.  Keep learning and getting more training to make sure that you and your family can survive the situations that could happen in your area.

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