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Dehydrated Emergency Foods

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Dehydrated Emergency Foods

Whether you are starting to think about creating a stash of foods at home or building a Grab and Go Bag, Dehydrated Emergency Foods is a great alternative.

There are a number of benefits over freeze-drying:

  • It’s more compact
  • It’s less expensive
  • And it can be done at home

Dehydrated, or dried, food is a simple process that applies heat to the food item which removes as much as 98% of the water from it.

The process has been popular for years using air drying or sun drying to preserve foods.

Dehydrating is also an easy way for you to process foods in your home but still create varied and healthy meals at a low cost.

Less Weight

Since water is one of the heaviest parts of the food that we eat, removing it cuts the weight  significantly.   This makes dehydrated foods easier to store and, in case of an emergency evacuation,  easier to transport.

Less Space

Many food items are also considerably smaller after dehydration. Even though dehydrated food can often have a shriveled look, once it is added to boiling water , it always plump back to life.

Freeze-drying may keep the food’s original look, but it also can take up a lot more room than the more compact dehydrated food.


Freeze-dried foods typically require large, expensive equipment.

But dehydration can be done right in your home without the use of expensive equipment.  You also have more control over what ingredients are included in your foods that you store.

You can be dry foods using a commercial home dehydrator (such as the one below), a homemade dehydrator, or even a regular convection oven.

Dehydrated foods and complete meals are also made commercially and can be purchased through a lot of local or on-line stores.

Final Thoughts On Dehydrated Emergency Foods

Dehydrated Emergency Foods give you a lot of flexibility that others won’t have during an emergency.

Their light weight make them perfect for your Grab and Go bag in case you need to abandon your home base.

And they are easy to prepare and use whether it is an emergency or as a part of your regular diet.



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