Solar Power Advances

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Solar Power Advances

One thing that every Urban Disaster Survivalist should be thinking about is how to generate power in case there is some issue with the power grid that causes it to go off line for a time.

How would you keep perishables safe and heat or cool your home if there were no power?

A couple of articles in the news recently caught my eye and show some of the advances that we may be seeing in the future. Whether you are trying to go “off the grid” or looking for ways to create a back up for the pwer that you get off the grid this news should be interesting to you.

Improved Solar Panels

I seems that every time that I look at the news there are articles about how quickly solar panels are improving in their efficiency at turning sunlight into power. Meanwhile the cost keep dropping.

In an article today I was reading about a breakthrough in ‘nematic liquid crystals’ that makes them easier to make and more efficient. These crystals can be printed into solar panels that are dramatically more effective at creating power than todays’ panels.

They are also much cheaper to make because they can be printed faster and easier than the silicon-based models that are used today.

Lawn Power

In another article the ability to get electrical energy from growing plants was discussed. This solar power advance is not yet on the scale of solar or wind power yet, there is a company that has products that can harness power from the photosynthesis process where plants convert sunlight into energy.

One of the problems is that it doesn’t work when it is cold and plants normally don’t grow but think about the amazing potential that this discovery has for off grid homes or places in third world areas.

Both of these emerging solar power advances are great news for those of us that are concerned about off-grid living or just want a back-up for the vulnerable grids that we get power from today.

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