Paris: Home Grown Terrorist Attacks?

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Home Grown Terrorist Attacks

US and French Intelligence officials seem to be leaning towards the viewpoint that while the Recent attack in Paris may have been influenced by or even financed by terrorist organization al-Qaida, the attack wasn’t directly controlled by them.

This means that the attacks would fall under the “home grown” type of terrorism that is a growing concern among experts.

Although the attack against the Charlie Hebdo newspaper was certainly horrific the thing that should be of the biggest concern to Urban Survivalists is that it may have been a home grown terrorist attack that could happen anywhere at anytime.

The newspaper was certainly not a high value target that would have security and training for such an attack but a soft target that more intelligence and security experts are being concerned about.

These soft target attacks are against businesses or people that used to be safe from such attacks and are easy prey for terrorists with a personal grudge or those looking for press for their cause.

Home Grown Terrorist Attacks and the Urban Survivalist

So you might be asking yourself about how this type of attack affect someone interested in Urban Survival anyway?

My viewpoint is that this type of home grown terrorist attacks is one of the larger concerns that we should be aware of and can prepare ourselves for dealing with. This type of attack is going to happen in urban areas where the largest amount of people can be targeted.

Although guns and bombs make the biggest impact there are other ways that home grown terrorist attacks could happen. Think about the problems that are being caused with current cyber attacks in the news.

What would happen to your world if someone attacked the computer controls of your local utility company, many of which according to current reports are not prepared for a sustained or sophisticated attack.

You and your family could be without power for days or weeks before it could be restored.

Bottom line is that attacks like the one on Charlie Hebdo should be a wake up call for anyone who is concerned about preparing for a Urban Disaster planning.

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