Cell Phone Security

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cell phone security

Cell Phone Security

More people than ever are loving their cell phones and leaving the wires behind. But that makes cell phone security even more important.

If you are one of the estimated 75% of Americans that use smart phones whether they are an iphone, android, or other type of cell phone you could be letting people that you don’t know and don’t want to share your personal information with whether you want to or not.

You probably entrust your phone with all sorts of private information too. Whether it is your circle of friends, your daily whereabouts, personal photos, financial information, or the passwords to your private accounts you use your cell phone to keep you in touch with your world.

But by taking your phone into your confidence, it also means that you are also taking a lot of other people into your confidence. This includes but is not limited to everyone that makes your cell phone work including your wireless carrier, the maker of your phone, advertisers, and the people who designed your phones operating system.

Then there are all the people who write the apps that you use. This can be a major problem in your cell phone security. Many of these apps are written by advertisers that want to use the app to track your purchase patterns, interests, and/or find out about your friends.

Most apps have a privacy statement that tells you what they are going to collect and use but reading a long privacy statement on a small screen can be a problem so most people, myself included, just accept the loss of some of our privacy as a cost of using the app.

Cell Phone Security and Privacy

Having the convenience of all the tools and apps that you load on your phone can also be risky. In some ways you need to understand that you are going to make some sacrifices for the convenience of a smart phone and realize that you don’t have the luxury of privacy any more.

But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t things that you can do for your cell phone security.

Dangers of Losing a Phone

But the danger of all these intruders multiplies if we lose a phone. More than 69% of users never bother to back up the information that they have on their cell phones. This means that its loss can mean we lose everything including videos, photos, and all sorts of important, personal information that is on the phone.

But worse than losing all this information is if a dishonest person steals or finds our phones. More than 64% of people don’t use a screen lock of any type. Of the people that do use some type of security 23% used a 4 pin access code and only 13% used a longer pin, a password or some type of unlock pattern.

This means that if you are one of the 64% that use no security measure at all for you phone, as soon as a crook picks it up, your phone they can immediately access your most intimate and private information.

If you don’t think that will happen remember that in the past year alone more than 7.1 Million phones were damaged, lost or stolen.

There are apps than can help you protect your phone but few people use them. There are anti-virus apps available for your phone but only 18% of smart phone users take advantage of them. There is also software that can help locate your lost or stolen phone but only 22% use them. There is even remote wipe apps that will erase all your sensitive information if you phone is lost but only 8% of people use them.

More than 39% of smart phone users use no security measures of any type to protect their data from loss or theft at all! Cell phone security is important if you want to be safe when you are using a smart phone.

Steps for Cell Phone Security

So what can you do to protect your private and sensitive information?

Back Up Your Phone
Set up an app to back up your phone so you can protect and keep your information. You can do this manually by backing up to your computer periodically or automatically by backing up to a cloud account.
Locator Software
Tracking your phone whether it is lost or stolen can help you get it back. This can save you both the cost of replacing your phone and the potential cost of lost information.
Use a Anti-Virus App
These apps are often free. They want you to start using their app then will offer you a paid upgraded version. Just make sure to search for any problems with this or any other app before you use it.
Lock Your Phone
Although this can be a little annoying you’ll quickly get used to it. Use either a pin or some other type of app that will secure your data.

Conclusion of Cell Phone Security

Take the steps outlined above to keep your information private and secure. Taking a little time on your cell phone security can prevent huge problems and headaches from happening to you!

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