Artificial Intelligence Concerns

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Artificial Intelligence Concerns

In the latest news, Elon Musk, billionaire car maker and space pioneer has donated $10 million dollars to help fund research that will keep “AI beneficial”.

A long time critic of AI, Musk believes that artificial intelligence could be a problem in the near future.

While AI may not be of much concern to Urban Disaster Survivalists right now it is one of those issues that could become more problematic as time passes. Like many scientific advances, AI could be with us much quicker than we believe it could be and for that reason is something that we should at least be aware of and keep up with its progress.

Even though it has been mostly confined to the realm of the science fiction writer in the past the progress of this science has been seen more and more in the news.

In the past week I’ve read about cars that will be driven without drivers and weapon systems that will be controlled by AI systems. While still not truly sentient I am more than a little concerned about a weapons system that decides whether or not it should shoot on its own.

It often seems that science tries to do things without thinking about whether they should be doing those things.

A weapons system that can react faster than a human in response to a human may on its face seem like a good idea that could help to save people in case of war. But shouldn’t there be a human in there somewhere deciding whether the response is needed?

Artificial Intelligence

If someone as smart as Elon Musk thinks that it is a concern then I certainly think that it is something that we need to be concerned about studying a little more before we rush headlong into putting a smart self controlling robot ind in everything.

Even though $10 million is a drop in the bucket for someone as rich as Musk, he certainly didn’t get to be as rich as he is by throwing money away. And if someone who is as forward a thinker as Musk is says maybe we should tap the brakes a bit and think about this them maybe we should.

Artificial Intelligence certainly has the possibility of making our lives better and easier bit just because we can do something doesn’t always mean that we should do it.

I think that part of Urban Disaster Survival includes making our voices heard about the things that concern us and this is something I think that we should all think about!

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